Improving your consumer
experience has never been easier!

Here's the perfect solution if you want to impress your customers.

Enable your customers to effectively navigate the menu.

In addition to providing a great experience, you can take control of your digital menu. Menu changes, promotions, photos, and descriptions are all done online at no additional cost.

Simple and
Elegant Design


Save Favorites
for the Next Time

Save to
your Plate

It’s time to re-think your menu!

Optimize menu offerings by leveraging data analytics to understand what customers want.

Your menu (s) is now digital.

A customized experience that will differentiate you.

Include custom surveys to gather feedback and ideas.

Reimagine menu design and offerings at any time.

Create a Loyalty program and reward customers who engage with the MenuEase site.

How Does MenuEase Work?

Menu Management

  • You will email  your  menu (s)  in  either PDF or MS Word to MenuEase.
  • MenuEase will create your online digital menu.
  • Changes to the digital menu can be made at any time online.

Customer Experience

  • Custom QR codes are created and provided to you. 
  • Using their trusted mobile device, customers take a picture of the QR code which launches the MenuEase application.
  • MenuEase presents a well-organized menu with adaptable views and search options.

Data Collection

  • While the customer views the menu, interaction data is captured.
  • Favorites will be saved and displayed the next time the customer views the menu.

Professional Services

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